What are some types and sources

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Financial aid is available from a variety of sources. share link. Financial aid can come from federal, state, school, and private sources to help you pay for college or career school. Types of Sources There are three types of sources used in research: Primary Sources.

A primary source is a firsthand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under. A. Finding Sources. SUMMARY. Find credible sources using tools that are designed to find the types of sources you need. LINKS. EBSCO; JSTOR; you may have a subject area librarian for the particular type of research you are doing.

Some universities, for instance, have specialist librarians for topics like music, art, and humanities. Types of Sources Knowing the characteristics of information source types is important in understanding what types of information to use at different points in your research process.

This table breaks down important characteristics of some different information source types. Point Sources Point-source pollutants in surface water and groundwater are usually found in a plume that has the highest concentrations of the pollutant nearest the source (such as the end of a pipe or an underground injection system) and diminishing concentrations farther away from the source.

The various types of point-source pollutants found in waters are as varied as the types of business.

What are some types and sources
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