There are differences

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Their, There, They’re

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They’re really not that complicated; once you understand their differences, there shouldn’t be any more confusion. But for those who want to know the difference between who and whom, here is an explanation. Mars-Venus sex differences appear to be as mythical as the Man in the Moon.

A analysis of 46 meta-analyses that were conducted during the last two decades of the 20th century underscores that men and women are basically alike in terms of personality, cognitive ability and leadership.

There are a number of differences between the two groups, especially when it comes to technology. Old Order Mennonites generally allow electricity in the home, as well as telephones. They make greater use of tractors as well. It means: you are refusing to indicate how many differences you think there are, and regardless of how many there really are, you only want to be told about one of them, respondent's choice.

The only situation I can think of, right now, where this would be the desired form is if you're writing exam questions. – zwol Apr 24 '15 at Whatever differences there are, as with height, will manifest as medians and averages on bell curves, not as predictions or prescriptions for any individual.

Understanding homo sap thru science is. There remains some debate as to whether and to what extent differences in intelligence test scores reflect environmental factors as opposed to genetic ones, as well as to the definitions of what "race" and "intelligence" are, and whether they can be objectively defined.

There are differences
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