The medium term ict harmonization initiative

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Introduction and Overview of e-Government in the Philippines

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We, the Leaders of the Republic of Korea, Japan and the People’s Republic of China, convened in Seoul, Korea on November 1,on the occasion of the Sixth Trilateral Summit.

Gov’t rolls out harmonization plan for gov’t ICT systems

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Enkele referenties van onze interim managers

Introduction. IGAD is a Regional Economic Community (REC) in Eastern Africa and one of the eight building blocks of the African Economic Community (AEC) of the African Union (AU).

Medium-Term Information and Communication Technology Harmonization Initiative Details The MITHI Journey – July 26, ; Opening Remarks- MITHI 2nd Plenary dated January 26, ; The Next Steps and Possible Output – A Way Forward for the 2nd Plenary Deadlines for ICT Project Checklist and MITHI Concept Paper: Feb 1, VTCSpring Workshops provide invaluable opportunities for researchers and industry practitioners to share their state-of-the-art research and development results on specific areas or challenging topics.

The medium term ict harmonization initiative
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