Mature red blood cells are also called

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Handbook of Vulnerable and Diagnostic Tests.

Complete blood count

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Red blood cell

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Fibroblasts are the most common resident cells in ordinary connective video-accident.comlasts are responsible for secreting collagen and other elements of the extracellular matrix of connective tissue.

In microscopic appearance, fibroblasts lack obvious specialized features. And fibroblasts throughout the body all appear similar to one another, wherever they occur in ordinary connective tissues.

Red blood cells-- also known as RBCs, red cells, red blood corpuscles, haematids, erythroid cells or erythrocytes (from Greek erythros for "red" and kytos for "hollow vessel", with -cyte translated as "cell" in modern usage), are the most common type of blood cell and the vertebrate's principal means of delivering oxygen (O 2) to the body tissues—via blood flow through the circulatory system.

Complete blood count

Mature red blood cells are called erythrocytes. FACTS: They are the most common type of blood cell; Their primary role is to carry oxygen to the tissues of the body and to carry carbon dioxide away from the body via the circulatory system.

Understanding Anemia -- the Basics

Blood - Red blood cells (erythrocytes): The red blood cells are highly specialized, well adapted for their primary function of transporting oxygen from the lungs to all of the body tissues. Red cells are approximately μm (1 μm = inch) in diameter and have the form of biconcave disks, a shape that provides a large surface-to-volume ratio.

The blood coagulation page provides details of the normal processes of hemostasis and mechanisms for therapeutic intervention in abnormal bleeding.

Blood cell Mature red blood cells are also called
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Erythropoiesis: Formation of Red Blood Cells