Homemakers are better than working women

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Life and Work: What Was It Really Like for Women in the 1970s?

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Decoding the 'Working Mothers are Better Mothers' Argument

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Working women gives a financial support to her family. At the same time she must spend her time with her children. It is more important than that. To make them as an individual, To make healthier food, To play with them needs TIME. Remember the media prattle about a conservative “war on women?” It would seem that meme has come to an abrupt end thanks largely to DNC strategist and frequent White House visitor, Hilary Rosen, and her less than charitable view of homemakers.

Rosen infamously opined that Ann Romney (a homemaker) “has never worked a day in her life. Jul 05,  · This mindset that housewives are better than working woman, and can build a home or a child's future in better way is actually the outcome of how things are from their side.

A housewife's life is difficult, I agree, though she enjoys the luxuries of being at home, while as a working woman has to face many challenges. I’m not sure about the exact math on this recipe, but I would venture a guess that it takes about 50¢ to make this (almost a half gallon). 50¢ divided by five ounce bottles is 10¢ per bottle.

Motivations for working or for not working differ (Hoffman b). Some women work primarily from financial necessity and remain predominantly involved in homemaker roles.

Homemaker or Working Woman? Can’t a woman manage both roles?

Equally some non-working women solve frustrations with the domestic routine by involvement in non-paid social and charitable activities rather than paid employment. Women’s Web is THE place for the Indian woman who wants to stay engaged with the world, who believes that she has a place in the world, and ideas to offer.

We focus on women’s self-development and pursuit of happiness, by offering information on career development, entrepreneurship, managing work and family, successful women.

Homemakers are better than working women
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