Essay on trees are precious

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Importance of trees in our life

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Trees Tense Storm Water Runoff Meat flooding can be dramatically reduced by a forest or by taking trees. Time is like a strong river which goes philosophically ahead but it never runs back. words essay on Growing Trees and Plants. In spite of the warnings of the forest guards’ people do not discontinue the practice of felling trees, precious trees like the pine trees, banyan trees, tamarind trees and the Deader trees.

Words Essay on If Trees Could Speak ;. importance of trees essay, uses of trees essay, importance of trees, essay on trees, importance of tree Related Post Importance of animals We have lived with them ever since the first homo sapiens opened its eyes in the prehistoric world.

Free sample essay on Growing Trees and Plants. Nowadays trees in the avenues are being cut off to widen the road and plants which bear fruit and flowers are cleared to make way for more space for house construction.

Nature Is God’s Precious Gift

Where there was a green cover it is all concrete structures now. It is very saddening. They absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the air and fill the atmosphere with precious life - sustaining oxygen.

In this way they reduce air pollution. Therefore, Essay On Trees Our Best Friends essay on trees our best friendsYou will have national immortality with the country through our essay on trees our best friends dialogue. In social. Trees provide us timber to make furniture.

Wild animals depend on trees for food and shelter. Trees help to prevent soil erosion and floods. They give out Oxygen and make the Earth clean and cool. Many products such as paper, gum, rubber etc are obtained from trees. Trees reduce pollution and increase rain. Birds make their nests on trees.

The trees around us are extremely important and have always been necessary for improving the human condition – both during its life and after harvest - Why trees are important Essay introduction.

It is not a stretch to believe that without trees we humans would not exist on this beautiful planet.

Essay on trees are precious
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Essay on Save Trees for Children and Students