Assistive technology are devices that assist

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Assistive technology

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What about skill development?. Developed by the Georgia Project for Assistive Technology (September ). Permission to copy for non-commercial purposes is granted if this credit is retained.

Assistive Technology Program.

Considering Your Child's Need for Assistive Technology

The Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Program helps Iowans learn about and access the assistive technology (AT) they need as part of their daily lives to learn, work, play, and participate in community life safely and independently.

Assistive Technology Program. The Easter Seals Iowa Assistive Technology Program helps Iowans learn about and access the assistive technology (AT) they need as part of their daily lives to learn, work, play, and participate in community life safely and independently.

Join the only professional organization for all of assistive technology. Find out about the membership benefits. Welcome to Tools for Life. Tools for Life, Georgia's Assistive Technology Act Program, is dedicated to increasing access to and acquisition of assistive technology (AT) devices and services for Georgians of all ages and disabilities so they can live, learn, work and play independently and with greater freedom in communities of their choice.

Assistive Technology Program

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FREE Online Assistive Technology Training! STAR – Alabama’s Assistive Technology Resource, is a federally funded program designed to increase access to and acquisition of Assistive Technology (AT) for Alabamians with disabilities. Get started with online AT training by browsing the topics listed at the top of this page.

Assistive technology are devices that assist
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