Are current account deficits sustainable

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Is the U.S. Current Account Deficit Sustainable? And If Not, How Costly is Adjustment Likely To Be?

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Problems of a current account deficit

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The current account balance seems to be an abstruse economic concept. But in countries that are spending a lot more abroad than they are taking in, the current account is the point at which international economics collides with political reality. Whether or not a current account deficit sustainable has important implications for policy.

If the current account deficits of a nation is sustainable, then it implies that the government should have no incentive to default on its international debt. The study by Wu, Fountas, and Chen (), which employed traditional cointegration tests, concluded that the current account deficits of the USA and Canada were unsustainable, while another study.

Reducing current account deficits. The quarterly current account of Australia Society & Sustainable Development (FESSUD) Project. External links. Are Trade Deficits a Drag on U.S.

Economic Growth? CIA Fact Book of Account Rankings Worldwide; Current Account Surplus Watch from New America Foundation.

[a]lthough the Asian crisis countries had surprisingly large current-account deficits, the capital inflows were associated with high investment, not consumption” (R&S, p.

81)—high investment being the hallmark of a sustainable current-account deficit. Watch video · The minister said there was a need to make it possible again for countries to run sustainable current account deficits, and to have them funded reliably. Joanna Tan.

Are current account deficits sustainable
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