An argument on whether our lives are governed by fate or by personal choice

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Fate vs. Freewill: How to Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose

Have you ever had a gut-feeling about something. We attribute to take action on the opportunities we are supported with fate may open doors but if it's our professional, then WE have to say through them. I dont believe our lives are governed by fate, we all have choices in our lives and what we choose is the making of our own destiny.

To sit back and say that fate rules our lives is defeatist and taking the easy way out. Life is what you make it.

An argument on whether our lives are governed by fate or by personal choice

Even if we are each part of some great master plan, our unique journey has more personal meaning when we choose it for ourselves. You make many choices every day. Jun 11,  · Best Answer: One of the oldest and most debated questions of all time is whether our lives are governed by fate or by our personal choice.

William Shakespeare, in Romeo and Juliet, brings this question to the surface. Although fate seems to control what happens to Romeo and Juliet their choices contribute Status: Resolved.

Destiny vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will

Fate vs free will essays The question of whether our lives are controlled by fate or free will has and will always be around, because we will never have evidence that either is right or wrong.

I however, have a belief that our lives are governed solely by free will. An argument on whether our lives are governed by fate or by personal choice Posted by on Nov 8, in Copywriting | 0 comments Home» Copywriting» An argument on whether our lives are governed by fate or by personal choice.

Jun 11,  · By making this choice he sets up all the problems that occur later. Even if the later events happen by chance and it seem as if fate was the reason that they died, their choices put them in that position. Although, Romeo pursued Juliet he isn't the only reason that they die.

Juliet's choices play a large part in deciding their Resolved.

An argument on whether our lives are governed by fate or by personal choice
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